Not a damsel in distress (a.k.a. Men are so useless in this story) 

actually are were useless except Regina

Emma needs Regina for her magic to work properly.


"…Haig made Elsa’s fear feel like real anxiety, which is what this character is all about. Elsa is a woman who lives in a constant state of worry that something will make her so afraid that she’ll lose control again, and that’s something people with anxiety can strongly relate to. It’s also something Haig captured perfectly—that fear of yourself and who you are when your anxiety is at its worst. From her shaking hands and her tight fists as she struggled to control her magic just walking down the street to her struggle to control her breathing as she hid, the physical details of her anxiety were heartbreaking." (x)



For some reason I don’t think Marian is who Regina wants to kill most, but rather the Evil Queen. She wants to do as Robin did and leave that part of herself in the past.

So much foreshadowing in this one episode for both outlaw queen and captain swan.

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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe


Baker’s Dozen Poster [1/4]


Baker’s Dozen Poster [1/4] 


Do you think Regina and Robin Hood may form a perfect couple?
Sean Maguire: “I think so. They are both leaders even if it is on the side of evil and him on the side of good, but they both have a son they love, they also both lost their love, and they are both strong characters. I think that…



Yvette Brown is having none of OUAT hate AND I LOVE IT.

Take your crusade somewhere else, haters. And God bless! 


I just want to understand why some people are blaming us (Outlaw Queen fans) for what happened with Yvette and some Swan Queens today, I saw some people commenting it on Twitter, people talked about us and the Captain Swan fans, seriously, I find it so funny, what did we do? Why is it our fault? I…

“For Sean (Robin):How does Robin feel now about Marian, since he mourned her 4 yrs, in relation 2 wt he feels now 4 Regina?” —

"That sounds like an essay question," joked Robbie Kay, when he overheard the queery — and he’s sorta right. But I think you’ll agree that Sean Maguire aced the answer, which I present to you uninterrupted: "I’m sure you’ve had a first love, right? And you know how you feel about your first love will always be special and have a place in your heart? When you look back, you probably think, ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t be with that person now because [I am] the person I am now.’ Robin’s like that. He’s grown and he’s mourned the death of [Marian], which was hard. But he’s moved on. And now he’s in love with somebody new and dynamic and epic, but he’s bound to his code of honor and decency and truthfulness. And he’s stuck between love and a moral high ground and [that’s] difficult ground. It’s going to be a very tough season for Robin to figure out — unless of course he turns bad. In which case his morals won’t bother him at all." (A+!)